Japanese Furnishing and Interior Design Styles

If you are looking for new interior design styles, one of the hottest trends is Japan interior design. Prized for its clean lines, attention to detail and overwhelming visual appeal, there is a reason that so many people are choosing Japanese furnishing for their home. Let’s take a look at why this style is so popular right now.


Thanks to the design of Japanese furnishing, it can go with nearly every type of decor. Contemporary homes are ideal for this type of furniture, but even the most Victorian homes can look right with a few Japanese pieces. Since they typically come in darker colors with harder lines, they are of course more suited to contemporary homes, but overall, this style of furnishing is perfect for any home.

Visual Appeal

There is something to be said about Japan interior design. The clean lines and focus on functionality make it perfect for any home. These pieces are comfortable, easy to maintain and most importantly, offer a lot of visual appeal. Furniture is an art form in Japan and their attention to every minute detail is obvious in their furniture pieces.


In the past, it was difficult to find Japanese furnishing, but now, thanks to its increased popularity, many stores are carrying true Japanese designs, as well as pieces that are inspired by this design movement. This has opened up new decoration horizons for millions of homes and allowed everyone to be able to take advantage of all that this style of decor has to offer.

Fun Accent Pieces

In addition to Japanese furnishing, you can also find many pieces for decorating and accent use. Whether you select artwork, vases, window treatments or rugs, there are literally thousands of different options available. If you’re not quite ready to commit completely to Japan interior design, you can start with a few accent pieces and see how well you like them.

Chances are, you’ll be hooked and want to add more furniture pieces throughout your home. This style is great for conversation and you’ll have plenty of choices when it comes to furnishing your rooms in Japan interior design style.

The Best Home Furnishings Are the Most Versatile and Hard Working

The best home furnishings goes to….

When you begin to invest in your furniture, the best home furnishings are those items that offer tremendous flexibility and years of pleasure.

They are classics that really never go out of style and been derived from styles and designs of centuries ago with some or a few variations.

And fortunately for us there are several pieces that fall into that category and a few excellent examples are these:

Parsons Table

The parson table has a timeless charm and can fit in any room or interior. It is a table with clean lines and square straight legs of a diameter that is equal to the thickness of the top. The parson table is a modern shape of flush surfaces and is so basic that it can be built of any material or finished in any application, still keeping its integrity.

The design is conducive and scaled for use as a coffee table, end table, dining or a sofa table.

A Platform Bench

The platform bench, easily accents any room, is a long low wooden bench with a slat top, originally designed by George Nelson in 1946.

Use it at the foot of a bed, as a coffee table, in a foyer or in a mud room or as a magazine display for the home office.

Console/Sofa Table

The best home furnishings include a console table that is interchangeable with the term sofa table and refers to a table with four legs and is long and narrow, usually 30″ in height or so.

It can be used at the back of the sofa, hence the name sofa table or against the wall. It could have a shelf at the bottom for display and be with or without drawers.

Whatever you want to call it is a versatile piece of furniture and works well in any room even rooms without a sofa!

Used in the living room it can be a surface for photos and task lighting, while under it you can place benches or ottomans for extra seating.
In the bedroom it can serve as a desk.
Hang a stunning piece of art above or use as a media center under a flat screen TV that is mounted to the wall, and store DVD’s in the drawers.
In the dining room it can serve as an extra place for an impromptu buffet, or to store coasters or place mats.
In the foyer it can house gloves or keys in the drawers with a mirror above to check your reflection before leaving the house.

The Ottoman

Another example of the best home furnishings to own is an ottoman. The ottoman is a low upholstered seat without arms or a back and is approximately the same height as a chair seat.
They function as a footstool or extra seating and make a great coffee table

At the foot of the bed they offer a place for your extra blankets and pillows at night or a place to put on your socks in the morning. You may choose to put an ottoman in your dressing area or how about the master bath? Nice!

Ottomans can be upholstered in an endless array of beautiful fabrics or in leather and embellished with trims of bullion and nailheads just to name a few.

A Chest of Drawers

A chest of drawers is a case fitted with drawers, extremely versatile for storage, available in many styles and the next best home furnishings you will own.

A chest of drawers can be found anywhere from flea markets, unfinished furniture stores, antique shops or you can purchase one new.

They look great in any room that can use additional storage.

In the dining room they hold silverware, place mats, tablecloths, napkins and candles plus the top can serve as a buffet like the console.
A chest of drawers in the living room can serve as a console with decorative accessories on top. Fill the drawers with things you need to store and keep hidden. It would be a good place for the kids’ board games, photo albums, blankets and throws.
Hang a mirror above a chest of drawers in the foyer and keep your keys, maps, and the dog lease in the drawers.
In the mud room, give each member of your family their own drawer.

The Sideboard/Credenza

A sideboard, originally used as a side board for use in the service of meals, has evolved into a decorative piece with drawers and doors.

Typically used in the dining room, the sideboard makes a great addition to any room giving you plenty of storage for the necessities of toys, books, art supplies, important papers and school supplies.

Some sideboards go to the floor like a buffet and others are up off the floor with deep drawers.

The best home furnishings are classics and many go by more than one name.

A sideboard of a different name is the credenza.

More often the name credenza refers to a piece that is used in an office typically behind a desk to rest your printer/fax, etc. on and to store files and books underneath.

But it can work in any room as did the sideboard.

Add a tray with an assortment of glasses and spirits and a credenza becomes a bar.
Remove the legs and mount to the wall for a mid-century modern effect.

Three Important Tips For Choosing Home Furnishings

You desperately need new furniture and it’s time to shop, but you’re just not sure what to look for in home furnishings. When you want to make the most of a room, it is important to choose the right home furnishings. You should follow three things to ensure you make the most of your furniture purchase. The three important tips to consider are: scale, form and style.

Scale refers to the proportion of furniture in relation to the size of the room. In most cases, a small room would need small, slender furniture and a large room would easily accommodate larger, heavier furniture pieces. The secret is to use a slender scale with décor that seems less crowded.

Form refers to the shape of a piece of furniture. Home furniture comes in many shapes and forms. The appearance can be that of a light furnishing or a heavy one. Some have simple lines whereas others have softly curved features. Most designers feel that the best and most well designed furniture is simple in form.

Style refers to the decoration of the furnishing. Some popular styles even today are the European and French styles. Many styles like modern or contemporary are based on Far Eastern designs.

When you want to add interest to a room, consider decorating with harmonizing styles of furniture. The most important point when doing this is to make sure that one style dominates the decor while another style accents the mood.

By properly arranging a combination of furniture styles and carefully considering the scale and form of the furnishings, you can give your home a more spacious and attractive appearance. Placing decorative home accessories like table lamps, wall art displays, photos and floral arrangements throughout the area will bring out the personality of your home and accent your living space in perfect style.

Using Rustic Home Furnishings to Transform Your Space

Have a love for lodge, western, or rustic decor? If so, why not decorate your home using rustic home furnishings? From rustic art to hang on your walls to rustic swings for your patio, you can truly transform your space into an old-fashioned paradise with relative ease.

Now that you’re picturing your redecorated dream home in your mind, the question is: where to begin? Well, your best bet is to begin searching for rustic home furnishings online. By performing a search on your favorite search engine, you can find an online supplier that will offer you all the rustic furniture you could imagine. Here are just a few examples of rustic home furnishings you can purchase online:

• Rustic beds-You’d be surprised how much of your life is spent in your bedroom. The fact is, you spend approximately a third of your life sleeping. With that in mind, why wouldn’t you first focus on transforming your bedroom into your western style sanctuary? This can be done quite simply with rustic beds. For example, find one with an antique wagon wheel headboard to act as focal point of your room. Fall asleep after a long, hard day and dream of the exciting adventures to be had in the days of the Wild West.

• Rustic coffee tables-Every living room needs a good coffee table. Whether to display books and magazines, or even for resting your feet, rustic coffee tables are the perfect accent for any western style living room. Many of these tables are completely unique, as they are crafted from repurposed and antique materials. That way, none of your friends can ever say “Hey, I have that!”

• Rustic art-Rustic home furnishings aren’t limited to actual furniture. To really top off your ranch home feel, you need the right accents for your wall. And what better way to do so than with rustic art? From the calm scenery of an autumn mill, to the beautiful colors of a cabin in the winter, an online rustic furnishings supplier will have just the right painting for your home. And they work great for any room in the house!

• Rustic lighting-Another type of rustic home furnishings that will complement your new furniture is rustic lighting. For instance, if you have a rustic table, why not suspend an iron lamp chandelier above it to complete your look? Or you can really bring back the frontier into your home with a wagon wheel chandelier. It can go in your entryway or any other suitable spot in your ranch style home. And of course, rustic lighting is not limited to chandeliers. One variation is the rustic wall lantern. This lamp is very similar to the lanterns used in the old days before electricity was invented.

• Rustic swings-Rustic home furnishings don’t just belong inside your home. They can also be used to dress up your patio. By placing a rustic swing on your back porch, you can always have a place outdoors to relax. And when you go with a handcrafted rustic swing, you’re not getting one of those out-of-the-box mass produced swings.

So show your love for western and rustic decor both inside and outside of your home. Search for rustic home furnishings online.

Upcoming Home Furnishing Sourcing Fairs in Asia

A comprehensive list of Asian home furnishing fairs this spring, with insider details.


India Carpet Expo (Feb 12 – 15)
Almost 200 carpet manufacturers and exporters will attend this fair in New Delhi.

Ambiente Frankfurt (Feb 13-17)
The passage sections of Ambiente feature suppliers and manufacturers from around the world. A great show for home décor and housewares.

Indian handicrafts and Gifts Fair (Feb 25 – 28)
The biggest furniture and home accent fair in India. Fantastic products and great values for people looking to source in India with over 1000 suppliers.


India Houseware & Gift Fair (Mar 1 – 3)
-Smaller than IHGF, there are still more than 500 suppliers in handicrafts, housewares, and textiles.

MIFF Malaysia (Mar 3 – 7)
-More than 500 Malaysian furniture manufacturers and exporters.

Cebu International Furniture and Furnishings Exhibition (Mar 5 – 8)
-A smaller show with all the top local Cebu manufacturers and designers.

Manila Now (Mar 5 – 8)
-More than 100 furniture and home décor suppliers.

IFFS Singapore (Mar 9 – 12)
-One of the leading furniture fairs in Asia for good design.

IFFINA Indonesia (Mar 11 – 15)
-The largest furniture fair in Indonesia, this is also the best furniture show of the year for finding Indonesian suppliers.

VIFA Vietnam (Mar 11 – 14)
-A smaller furniture fair with around 100 suppliers. This fair has mostly furniture companies, but not as many suppliers as the fall HCMC Expo.

TIFF Thailand (Mar 11 – 15)
-200 Thai home furnishings suppliers

Dongguan Famous Furniture Fair (Mar 16-20)
-A huge furniture fair near the heart of furniture city in Houjie. Also, there is a home accent and lighting section.

CIFF Guangzhou, China (Mar 18 – 21)
The biggest and best furniture fair in China in the Spring. Also running concurrently are sections for home accents and housewares.

SIFE Shenzhen (Mar 19 – 22)
Another huge furniture fair, not as large as the other two shows running at the same time, but still very big and lots of manufacturers at this show.

SFIFC Metal Furniture Fair – Bazhou City, Hebei, China (Mar 23 – 25)
-Primarily dealing with glass and metal furniture including residential furniture, office furniture, business furniture, and outdoor furniture. Over 1000 enterprises will present in the fair,

Premier Vision China (Mar 30 – 31)
-One of the best high end fabric shows in China


Hong Kong International Lighting -Spring (Apr 13 – 16)
-The premier fall Asian lighting fair is now twice a year. Manufacturers and suppliers are from around the world, but a majority are Chinese and HK companies. There are not nearly as many companies at the spring event and only occupies one tenth of the floor space.

Manila F.A.M.E (Apr 15 – 18)
-The largest home furnishings fair in the Philippines

The Canton Fair (Apr 15 -19, Apr 24 – 28, May 3 – 7)
-One of the oldest, and by far the biggest home furnishing fair in the world (if you include the surrounding fairs). Phase 2 (Apr 24 – 28) of the Canton Fair is when most of home furnishings suppliers show there. Phase 1 includes lighting, and Phase 3 has home textiles, carpets and rugs. Overall, there are over a million square meters of exhibition space and over 50,000 suppliers. Please note, that while there are more furniture manufacturers now attending the canton fair, it is still not as good as the CIFF for furniture, but it is much better for home accents. Four fairs are within walking distance. To read more about these fairs Click Here.

Hong Kong Housewares (Apr 20 – 23)
-One of the best houseware fairs in the world, there are thousands of manufacturers from China, India, Asia, and other parts of the world. Products are housewares, textiles, handicrafts, and a level of Pet Supplies.

China Sourcing Fair: Home Products + India Sourcing Fair: Home Products (Apr 20 – 23)
-Both fairs are at one location in Hong Kong (the Expo Center, near the airport). This is an unassociated extension of the Hong Kong Houseware fair. Expect to find thousands more suppliers. But, since the HK Housewares is the premium event, suppliers at this event typically are waiting to get a space at the HK Convention Center in the coming years. Shuttles and the train make it easy to travel back and forth between events.

Hong Kong Gifts and Premiums (Apr 27 – 30)
-A huge event, but not as appealing for home furnishing buyers. These are often less expensive products, but some product categories of interest, include picture frames, ceramics, and clocks. Also running at the same time, is the China Sourcing Fair: Gifts & Premiums (Apr 28 – May 1), at the Asia World Expo in Hong Kong.

Seth Berman has years of manufacturing experience in Asia. He has worked in Quality Control, Purchasing, and Product Development at a large lighting company. Recently, he has been participating in the launch of a new project, goodfactories.com. The goal is to help improve internet sourcing for home decor and furniture manufacturers, and help suppliers improve performance by allowing critique, and adding a verification system, where we are actively seeking the top manufacturers and getting them to join our site.

About GoodFactories.com
Many tools are provided to make finding good factories simple. The innovative sourcing map allows users to see how far a candle factory is to the hotel, or a furniture factory to the sofa manufacturer. And, the rating and review system helps buyers all over the world to find the right furniture fair and which to avoid. GoodFactories also offers supplier audit services, because suppliers are unique, and matching your company, your product and enabling the best fits, is what we do.

Home Furniture: Using Occasional Furniture and Accent Pieces

Home furniture can be complemented by the use of occasional furniture and accent pieces. Although most will initially furnish their home with the accepted tables, chairs, display cabinets, sofas and the like, a time will come when that seems just a little plain. Something seems lacking, and that is when you will turn to individual items of occasional furniture and other accent pieces.

Examples of these are elegant bookcases, crafted in hardwood with a beautiful rosewood or walnut veneer. An empty corner can be filled with a tall elegant corner cabinet, and you have a fabulous selection of consoles available, beautiful semi-round tables with one straight back to stand against a wall anywhere in your home. They make lovely telephone tables!

Many people will collect their home furniture curios and accent pieces throughout their life, while others will inherit them. However, many of the better cabinet makers and furniture stores also offer them to the discerning buyer who has a need for such pieces. Among these are Southwood, Stickley, Sherrill and American Craftsman, and if you feel there is a gap in your home that needs to be filled, then you could do worse than consult the websites of these firms and those like them.

Here are some examples the types of occasional furniture that can be used to complement your existing home furniture as accent pieces. They add a touch of class to a room, and make it appear more distinguished and certainly better furnished than had you simply used the standard three-piece suite and perhaps a coffee table.

Occasional Tables

There are three distinctly different types of occasional table that can be used in your home. The most popular is the coffee or cocktail table which is available in a huge variety of shapes and sizes. They range from glass tops in any color resting on a variety of different types of leg to traditional hardwood tables

Traditional occasional tables are available in many styles, including the fine and delicate Sheraton style and the sturdier thicker-legged Chippendale – often French polished to a very high gloss. Contemporary tables can be anything, including the aforementioned glass, metal and plastic.

If you use tables such as these as accent pieces for your home furniture, then they should meld with your existing style of furniture. A clash of colors and materials is often fine for contemporary pieces, but this looks out of place with tradition polished hardwood furniture.

End Tables

End tables are fundamentally intended to stand to either side of a chair or sofa, and are used to hold items such as books, magazines and drinks. They can also be decorated with candles, lamps, floral arrangements and so on.

They are available in a variety of styles, and are excellent accent pieces for traditionally furnished homes. They are not intended as alternatives to coffee tables, since the latter generally sit in front of a chair, but they can also be used as a table irrespective of any nearby seating.

Card Tables

Nowadays used mainly for show, card tables can double as chess tables and their original use is obvious. Some have a reversible top, with a polished wood surface on one side and a baize or felt surface on the other for playing cards. Others have a flip-top, where top opens up from the middle using two flaps to create a playing surface double the size of the original.

Card tables can double as cocktail or coffee tables, and are used more as accent pieces than as functional pieces of furniture. They originate from an era when computers were science fiction, and even radio was almost unheard of let alone TV, and when playing cards was a normal evening entertainment.

Benches, Love Seats and Settles

Benches, love seats and settles are indoor accent pieces of home furniture that are designed for sitting on. They look good in a conservatory or large hall, and at one time would be used by courting couples and their chaperones. The couple would sit side by side with the chaperone present, and would talk but not come into bodily contact. Oh, the joys of old-time courting!

Miscellaneous Occasional Furniture and Accent Pieces

There are many other types of home furniture that can be used as home accents, such as cocktail cabinets, entertainment centers and hall/umbrella stands. Many like an individual bookcase or a display cabinet. Escritoires are writing desks, while secretaries are tall, coming in the form of a chest of drawers at the bottom, on which stands a bureau with a pull-down flap that doubles as a writing surface and with a book case or display cabinet resting on that.

Each of these would grace any home, but again should be used to complement existing home furniture. Rockers are also occasional pieces that can be used in a more rustic style of home or in a conservatory, although some of the better made rockers that are finished in polished hardwood would grace any room in your home.

Accessorize Home Furnishings

Add a personal touch as you accessorize your home, bringing in items that reflect your interests, personality, and hobbies. Carefully chosen accessories bring warmth, character and feel to each room in your home.

An important consideration when using items to accessorize home interiors is that they have a purpose for being in a particular room. Use accessories to enhance or balance a rooms color scheme, to accentuate the theme of a room, or to add height or dimension to an area.

Plan your room before you start to accessorize home furnishings, as this process will really highlight the style of a particular room. Make a note of the colors of the accessories that you will look for and make a list of the items that you need to complete the task. Rugs, pillows, drapes and decor should be on your shopping list and you will need to consider sizes, textures and shapes.

Numerous items can be used to accessorize home spaces that are in out of the way areas, such as a dark corner. For example, a basket, a tall vase, a piece of pottery or a light colored decorative chair.

There are a multitude of places to search for the perfect item to accessorize home bedrooms, living rooms and other areas. Start by searching online stores, your area discount outlets and your friendly arts and crafts store. An antique shop is normally a good place to look for that special accessory.

Theres no need to spend a lot of money to accessorize home design. There are inexpensive ways to accent a room. A decorative mirror is a great way to add some style to a room and also works well to create dimension or make a small area look larger. Another low cost accent is to bring a bit of nature indoors with fresh flower and greenery creations placed in decorative vases. Use several vases of varying heights to create an interesting grouping.

Achieve balance when trying to accessorize home furnishings, by paying particular attention to the color scheme. Bring in at least three accents in the same color and create a look of harmony. Create balance by setting different heights for the accents — for example on an end table, coffee table or shelf.

When you accessorize home rooms, add accents that reflect the usage of the space. A family room is an ideal place to use artwork as an accessory. You can inexpensively add photo collages of different sizes and shapes over a sofa or fireplace. In a more formal living room, consider adding an artistic looking candle or floral arrangement, wire sculptures, or other interesting pieces.

Contemporary Home Furnishings – Easy Steps to Redesign Your Home With Contemporary Style Furniture

Your home is in need of a furniture makeover, but you’re not quite sure where to start. If you’re looking for modern styles of furniture, you may want to check out some contemporary home furnishings in your area in order to get some inspiration. Here are some tips for finding the right pieces, as well as a few online resources that you can use if you can’t find the furniture you’re looking for in your area.

Contemporary home furnishings are all about adding space and balance to a room, so you may find that if you’re looking to replace your sofa or entertainment center, you’re likely to find an equivalent that is relatively smaller than the items you have now.

This means you’ll have a lot more space to work with in the room, and will also give you the freedom to add small accessories or furniture pieces with bold colors. So, it may be a good idea for you to look for contemporary home furnishings that are neutral in color, and similar in shape to the pieces you have now, so that you’ll be sure that they will fit in the room correctly.

Or, if you’re looking to create a completely new feel for the space, it may be best to call in an interior decorator to take a look at the room and tell you which contemporary home furnishings will look best.

One of my favorite ways to contemporize the looks of a room is to add a stainless steel finish wall fountain with accent lights. It creates a soothing appeal with marvelous contemporary stainless steel looks.

If you’re searching for contemporary home furnishings for the bedroom, you should look at beds that are much lower to the ground. This furniture is inspired by themes that are very common in Asian homes and furniture galleries in the East, and you can find a number of frames made from quality oak or mahogany that you’ll love.

Instead of having more traditional lighting like ceiling fans or chandeliers, you can choose contemporary versions of this lighting by purchasing free-standing lamps that you can place next to your bed or reading chair. This will create more of a tranquil atmosphere in the bedroom, and make you feel as though you can relax.

You can even use contemporary home furnishings in the bathroom. Using neutral colors paired with a bright shade is especially chic, so be sure to buy a number of black or brown towels and washcloths, and then pair them with cobalt blue or striking purple accents. Keeping a minimal amount of accessories and toiletries on the cabinets of your bathroom is also a contemporary way to design; one vase with a single lily or tulip will be a great accent to the guest bathroom, and an arrangement of washcloths and fine soaps will work well in your bathroom as well. You may add a compact cordless water fountain to your bathroom as well.

If you want to shop in your area for contemporary home furnishings, you may want to check out stores like Ethan Allen for pieces that have an updated but classic feel; you can also check out IKEA for affordable European-inspired pieces.

Discover High Quality And Unique Home Furnishings For Every Room In Your Home

When most people think of home furnishings and Home Accessories, the first thing that comes to mind is a sofa or a recliner. However, there is so much more to home furnishings than just that. There are many different rooms in your home; you are going to want to decorate each of them with your unique style and flair. Therefore, you are going to want to find the most unique and high-quality items, at the best prices. Therefore, you should check out the Internet and see what kind of home accessories are available to you at great prices, and are better quality and offer more longevity than what you can find at a traditional brick and mortar store.

In order to feel your best, it is important that you get a good nights sleep. Perhaps it is time to trade in your old bed for a new one, and online you can find an excellent variety of mattresses, box springs and more. You can select from exciting styles such as a three drawer Continental set, which offers a variety of storage options in the base of the bed itself, and comes with a platform, and strong edges for support. Depending on your choice, and will provide you either firmer support with a softer feel, or less support with a soft feel, and everything in between. With a variety of styles and sizes to choose from, you can get pillow tops, memory foam, orthopedic and other types of beds.

Once you have selected the mattress that you would like, perhaps you would like to upgrade your bedroom’s look with a superior and beautiful wooden bedstead. You can find a variety of bedsteads that are created from only the most exceptionally high quality hardwood, or opt for wrought iron styling. In addition, you can find a combination of hard wood and metal, which creates a beautiful and elegant frame for your bed. You can also opt for incredibly designed bedsteads that offer sleek and padded headboards with a lower end. Created from faux leather, this bedstead offers a luxurious feel without sacrificing the environment. For the kids, you can find a superb variety of daybeds, from simple iron daybeds, to a contemporarily designed bedstead made of faux leather, you are sure to find a bedstead for every member of your household.

For the office, you can choose from a number of reclining chairs, furniture such as desks. You can find all of your lamps, chairs and mirrors here as well, to make your office the most luxurious and professional that it can possibly be. You can do all of this, all while saving time and money when you shop online. However, not forgetting the outside of your home, you can find a wide variety of tables and chairs for your garden, as well as stunning sculptures and artwork that will accent any landscape. No matter what you are looking for, from home furnishings to home accessories, you can find them all online, at great prices and are guaranteed to be the talk of the town with their unsurpassed quality and uniqueness.

Home is All About Relaxing – Tips to Make Your Home Comfortable and Appealing

Your home should be relaxing; it should be your refuge. All too often people don’t feel comfortable in their own homes. Why? It could be the décor. We try to make our homes look as beautiful and stylish as possible, but sometimes it all looks a bit too contrived. If the furnishings and accents in your home are simply there for looks, maybe it’s time for a change.

Home is About Making YOU Feel Good

Sure you want your home to look attractive to others, but at what price? If you can’t stretch out and enjoy your own surroundings, you need to make a decision; this is your home, and you should FEEL at home within it. Home is a place where families relax, talk about the day’s activities, and enjoy life. You should feel totally at ease and happy with your surroundings.

Who says that you have to decorate your home in a certain style? Even if you enjoy cozy country accents and surroundings, you don’t have to be so particular that you can’t place any items in the room if they don’t match the décor. Sometimes, placing quirky things here and there are what make a home individual and different.

If you have certain photos, tapestries and other accents that are special to you, by all means display them! Eclectic decor is a great look; sometimes rooms that are too refined look uncomfortable. You don’t want everything to look perfect, as if it has never been touched. A room should look lived in, warm and inviting.

What about Color?

Color plays a huge role in décor and style. Everything you place in to a room has color, whether it is classic tan and beige or bold dramatic colors like royal, red or gold. Soft pastels, botanicals – color has a real effect on your mood. Many people do not realize the impact of color. Bright, citrusy colors are refreshing and lift your mood, while beige and tan hues are relaxing. Dramatic colors add elegance to the atmosphere.

When you decide what colors to use in a room, don’t be too hasty. Contemplate what effect different colors have on you. How do they make you feel? What are your favorite colors? Splash some of your favorite colors on furnishings, walls and accents. Using several shades of the same color also adds depth to a room! Paint walls a lighter shade, then use deeper shades for doors, baseboards and chair rails. You will be pleasantly surprised at how a simple change of color can make a room come alive.

When it comes to your home, forget the “rules.” At the end of the day, you want to look forward to coming home to a comfortable, relaxing space. Your home should be uniquely yours. Why choose styles or designs that mimic what your friends have?

Create a style of your own, one that speaks of originality. You will feel at home, and others will be impressed with your creative genius! A home that is just the way you like it truly is home sweet home.

Leon Tuberman has been in the furniture and interior decorating industry for 4 decades. He owns and operates a popular furniture store in California. They have a huge inventory of handcrafted American built solid wood furniture for your bedroom, home office and living room. It doesn’t matter whether you’re shopping for a wood bookshelf for your home office or a solid oak dining table for your formal dining room then they carry everything you need.